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What is Propshield?

Propshield Antifouling Grease is fast becoming known throughout the maritime world as the market leader in stern gear antifouling. Our product is undoubtedly the best value stern gear antifouling on the market to date, and is the only widely available product which actively protects your stern gear in the most foul of waters guaranteed! Get on board with the Propshield experience and you wont want to get back off!

What makes Propshield so special?
Propshield uses a special combination of corrosion inhibitors and other non toxic chemicals which together provide protection from corrosion and prevent hard growth on all types of stern gear.

Since boats have had propellers, mariners have been trying to find ways of stopping barnacles sticking to them without very much success. We have manufactured this new affordable product that significantly reduces/stops the adhesion of these creatures and significantly reduces/stops the effects of electrolysis and oxidisation as well. The reason the barnacles can’t grow on your propellers is that Propshield is so slippery that they are unable to attach to the metal (or painted) surface; when the vessel moves through the water any barnacles that have managed to adhere themselves are swept away. The product cannot be dissolved in water and even when the surface film degenerates over time the metal retains it within its pores, and so remains active.

As mentioned this product also helps to eliminate or at least reduce the effects of electrolysis so it stops your propellers dissolving into the water when your shore power is connected. If your propellers are green at the end of the season this is a sure sign that the copper is leaching out of the bronze through galvanic action. This weakens the metal and blades can sometimes break off and penetrate the hull. At best the blade will loose efficiency and your fuel bills will increase as your vessel's top speed falls.

For further information on Propshield visit our Product, Benefits and Application pages.

Renewable resources
Propshield Antifouling Grease is biodegradable and eco friendly and not based on oil like many other products.



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