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Benefits of Propshield

Why use Propshield?
There are many benefits when using Propshield Antifouling Grease on your stern gear and this page will help you find out what they are and how they can benefit you and your vessel.

Firstly you need to find out if Propshield is right for you and your vessel.
To find out ask yourself the following questions:

     • Does my boat spend most of its time on its mooring making a home for barnacles?
     • Do my props and stern gear get coated in these creatures?
     • Are my propellers green at the end of the season through electrolysis?
     • Do I lose speed after only a few weeks after re launch?
     • Is stern gear fouling costing me a fortune in wasted fuel and reduced speed?

     • Do I spend a fortune buying and refurbishing new propellers?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes...
 then Propshield is definitely the solution for you!

The Benefits of Propshield
(Click on the links below to find out more about each benefit of Propshield)

• Use on all types of running gear
• Eradicates / reduces barnacle attraction
• Stops / reduces the effects of electrolysis
• Saves fuel due to cleaner stern gear
• Maintains speed of vessel
• Reduces prop repair costs
• Propellers last years longer
• Stops corrosion & barnacles on
  painted outdrive legs

• Economical to use
• Launch immediately after application

• No wastage
• Will not dissolve in water
• Penetrates metal up to a tenth
  of a millimetre

• Easy to apply
• Stops oxidation of all metals
• Compatible with all metal surfaces
• Increase commercial profits
• Environmentally friendly
• Made from renewable resources

List of Benefits

Use on propellers, prop shafts, rudders P & A brackets, outdrives, outboards, inboards etc
Propshield is a very versatile product and can be used on virtually any type of stern gear and on any metal material (doesn't perform on plastics). It can also be used on painted surfaces so outdrive legs can be protected. Propshield is an all round stern gear antifouling work horse.
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Eradicates / reduces barnacle attraction
During our research we have been amazed at the effects of minimising the growth of barnacles. In many cases the barnacles are completely eradicated and even in the most foul of waters only a few barnacles are able to attach themselves to your stern gear. Propshield ensures hard growth cannot get a permanent grip on the surface, when the vessel is moving the force of the water dislodges any growth that has managed to adhere itself to the propeller etc.
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Stops / reduces the effects of electrolysis
Propshield forms a barrier between the stern gear and the water so insulates the metal or painted surface. If you have suffered from electrolysis (green deposits on bronze blades) then you will notice that this either completely disappears or is minimised in extreme cases.
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Saves fuel due to cleaner stern gear
You will save a significant amount of fuel if your props are clean. If you suffer from black smoke at full throttle then the chances are that you have barnacle build up on your props. Alternatively you may find that the props need slightly repitching to a finer pitch. Boat yards will always tell you that black smoke is always caused by faulty injectors or pumps on diesel boats. This is not always the case, check your props first.
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Maintains speed of vessel
Using Propshield maintains the speed of your vessel as the hydrodynamics of the propeller blades are maintained. Any fouling on your props means you will loose speed which is particularly important on planning boats.
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Reduces prop repair costs
How can Propshield reduce your repair costs? Well if they do not oxidise and don’t suffer from electrolysis then this should reduce the need for them to be re fettled quite so often. In the case of electrolysis it could mean the difference between replacing the prop or not. If you prop is green (bronze only) at the end of the season then the copper is leaching out of the bronze and weakening the blade.
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Propellers last years longer
As we have mentioned above the effects of the marine environment are very harsh and your props are finely engineered pieces of equipment which cost hundreds of pounds in most cases. If they are not maintained they will eventually fail in service. Propshield will significantly extend the life of your props by providing a barrier to that harsh environment.
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Stops corrosion on outdrive legs (can be applied over paint)
Corrosion on outdrive legs can be devastating and can ruin aluminium castings in a few months so an application of Propshield will prevent this damage.
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Economical to use
Our research shows that one pot of Propshield will cover the propshafts and propellers of a 12 metre boat for two applications. That is a primer coat and second coat, twice.
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No wastage
There is no wastage with this product. If you have some left over simply return it to the pot in a melted liquid form and use it again when you are ready. If has been diluted with white spirit simply let the carrier evaporate and re dilute it for use when you next need it.
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Vessels can be used immediately after application
After application you do not need to let the product harden as it will be solid enough as soon as the heat is removed from the metal.
Method two is slightly different in that the carrier needs to evaporate but this takes only a few minuets and it will take considerably longer than that to launch your boat. By the time it hits the water it will be hard. If for some reason you have over diluted the product then you should wait until the surface has dried to a sticky film. You may even need to apply more coats if it has been diluted too much.
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Will not dissolve in water
Propshield will not dissolve in water. However it will gradually wear off but it takes a considerable amount of use before it becomes ineffective.
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Penetrates metal up to a tenth of a millimetre
Propshield penetrates the surface of the metal so forming an invisible barrier which remains active and deters barnacle attraction. This penetration also works with painted surfaces.
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Easy to apply
Propshield is easier to apply when the temperature is above 15 degrees centigrade, if below this temperature just drop the pot of Propshield into hot/boiling water until the grease is malleable. Above 15 degrees it gets even easier as the metal holds the heat more readily. Method B is better at low temperatures as the first coat is diluted with white spirit and therefore not temperature dependant. However the second coat is sensitive to the ambient temperature.
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Stops oxidation of all metals
Propshield will stop the oxidation of all metals by providing a durable barrier between the metal surface and the environment.
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Compatible with stainless steel, bronze, aluminium etc
As mentioned before you can use this product on any metal but do not use on synthetic materials such as plastics.
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Commercial vessels with fouled stern gear waste money; increase profits with Propshield
Propshield Industrial propeller antifouling can help commercial operators save 5% to 10% on fuel bills - please visit our sister website for further details.
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Environmentally friendly
This is a green product that will not cause any harm to the environment. It will not hurt aquatic marine life forms (even barnacles, they just can’t stick to it). It is biodegradable over extended periods so will not pollute rivers or the sea. The additives in Propshield are as eco friendly as we were able to find and are used in other industries where pollution is forbidden. We are confident that this is safe to use both in the production process for the end user and the environment.
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Made from renewable resources (NOT OIL BASED)
The base product is produced from the grease which naturally occurs in sheep wool and is a by-product of the wool production process. The sheep are not harmed in any way and when it is hot this is a positive benefit to them.
The packaging we use is also recyclable and so are the drums that the raw materials are packed in when they are delivered to Prop Protector. We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that this product is as natural as possible whilst maintaining its effectiveness in the marine environment.
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