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Method A - Application Guide

Suitable for all metal surfaces including bronze, stainless steel and aluminium and is applied using heat as a penetration catalyst (Note that more detailed written instructions for both methods are included with your Propshield purchase along with further detailed precautions). Further application photos can be seen here.

1) Do not use Method A on painted surfaces, i.e. outdrive legs and outboards however you can use either method on your outdrive/outboard propellers if the blades on are bare metal.
2) Do not overheat outdrive/outboard props as the rubber insert/seals in some designs of prop hub can be damaged. If unsure check with the manufacturer of your outdrive or outboard motor.

The below example/guide shows Propshield being applied to a bronze propeller.



Surface Preparation:
First clean the metal surface



Heat the surface
(in this case the propeller)
with a blow lamp or heatgun.




Once the first coat has been applied
over the whole surface melt some
Propshield into a metal container
until it is a liquid.



Now with a rag or brush wipe
Propshield onto the propeller
blade until a very thin
film is applied and then with a
rag work vigorously into the surface.




Now brush on a second
thicker coat



The job is now completed and
the vessel is ready to launch.



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